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Maria Behan
Maria Behan is a fiction writer and journalist. Her work has been published in The Irish Times, The New Writer and The Stinging Fly and has been broadcast on RTE Radio 1. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in creative writing at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham is a writer and Internet developer. He was the radio critic of the Irish Times from 1987-93, and co-edited the newspaper's Internet and computing section "Computimes" from 1994-98. After that he tried to avoid work while employed in the dot-bomb sector, before setting up in 1999 and the Ballyhoo Examiner in 2000. He lives in Dublin with his partner Stephanie, who still wonders when he's going to get a proper job.

Robby Garner
Robby Garner, a.k.a. Robitron, practices the art of programming and computational behaviorism from an outpost in northwest Georgia. While some believe in a computer "science" and the need for code grinding mercenary clock watchers, Robby believes that humanity is a prerequisite for good computer software. Robby has also been called a freak by some of the best people he knows.

Annmarie O'Connor
Annmarie O'Connor hails from Long Island, New York, but has been living in Ireland for nearly 16 years. She attended University College Galway and the University of Bologna where she read English and Italian at B.A. level and Literature and Publishing for her Master's. She is currently working in advertising and is a freelance contributor for The Greenwich Village Gazette, The Dubliner and ELLE magazine. Her passion is writing poetry with her work featured in such publications as Manifold, Voyage, Mslexia, Lexikon, Snakeskin, The Gentle Reader, Purr, Scriobh, Coil, Triplehitter, Identity Theory and in two anthologies: The Silence Within and In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself.

Doug Skinner
Doug Skinner has appeared on stage, screen, and television set as actor, musician, and proponent of the sacred art of ventriloquism. His articles and cartoons have graced many publications (Fate, Nickelodeon, The Anomalist); discerning Forteans have, cat-like, lapped the cream of his talks at the INFO FortFest and the Fortean Times UnConvention. He is currently editing the papers of pioneer vaudevillian John W. Ransone.

Will Jones
Mr. jones has eschewed the use of capitalization since the early 60s when Khrushchev vowed to "bury" capitalists. he frightens easily, but is otherwise harmless. He can be reached at his email address at southwest texas state university, home of the "fightin' bobcats" and place where LBJ hisself matriculated. he can be heard fridays from 2 to 4 in the afternoon on the "ask unca will" show on KIND radio at: a stunning likeness of him also resides at the address.

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